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[ale] Live updating camera thingies.

Michael Ivey wrote:

> I'm about to buy a pc-camera...any recommendations for linux
> compatibility?  What I want is a web page with 1 sec refresh, and an x
> app with 10/15 frames per sec, minimum.  Ideas?

You might want to subscribe to the quick cam list.   There's a lot of
guys there doing what you want to do, or at least something like it.

Instructions: To subscribe to the list, send me a message with SUBSCRIBE
at the beginning of a line. I'll look for your subscription address in
the Reply-To field, or From if I don't see Reply-To. Then I'll insert an
acknowledgment into your message and forward it to the subscription
address. Unsubscriptions work the same way.]

quickcam-drivers-request at crynwr.com

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