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[ale] X through a Masq'ing firewall?

On Tuesday, November 18, 1997 4:19 PM, Robert L Harris 
[SMTP:nomad at rocky.orci.com] wrote:

> > > What's involved in setting up ssh daemons and such?  Do I have to have
> > > root
> > > access on the boxes?

> > You'll need to download the binarys and compile them as root on each
> > computer.

> I'm pretty sure my ISP won't let me get away with that.  Probably can at
> work though.

Actually, you don't have to have root to run ssh; it only requires it to have
access to it's priviledged port (22), /etc/shadow, and rhosts authentication.

You'll have to dig into the source a little bit, but it's completely possible
to run ssh as a plain user, say on port 2022.  I used one on felix and
acme for about a year before ssh was installed.  Had to change it to
use ~/etc/passwd for authentication on acme and a private syslog()
function so I could see the logs, but other than that it worked with just
some tweaks in config.h.

I may still have the patches to 1.2.13 laying around somewhere if
you're interested....

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