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[ale] Software Engineer Needed

ergh, and i always prided this addy in not getting spam....

> The Boolean expression "embedded and system and software and assembler"
> was queried in the DMC Million Plus resume database and several Internet
> search engines.  One of the retrieved resumes, postings or pages
> advertised your email address indicating that you would welcome email
> inquiries on related subjects.  Hence I am writing to ask for your
> assistance. 

whoa... i didn't know ALE had a resume... tell me another one...

> Qualified candidate must be able to developing medical products
> desirable.

He writes well too....

> Experience using a PC/Windows 3.1/95/NT as a development platform.

*ahem* he came to the right place... *ahem*
(yes, that was incredibly sarcastic)

> If you know someone that would be interested I can be contacted at:
> Thom Erickson
> Voice: 609-584-9000 ext. 259  
> Fax: 609-584-9575  
> E-mail: tpe at dmc22.com

yay, we can call him and rape his voicemail... (too bad it's not an 800
number.... (just kidding, i think))

> We DO NOT send unsolicited email.

Is this what they call "false advertising"?

> We DO NOT support general draw solicitation.  General draw is a
> technique used to "troll"  for potential prospects by sending mass
> quantities of announcements to groups of people in the hopes that some
> might respond with a general interest.

sounds like a nice description to me ;)

Nice, eh?  Spam from someone who swears he's not spamming, to a Linux
mailing list, asking for someone to program Windows apps.... And to top it
all off... he uses a Windows mailer to make everything he wrote hard to
read for us people with console mail apps... 

Sorry i had to respond... i just found it too humerous not to....

> Our address is 
> Diedre Moire Corporation, Inc.
> 510 Horizon Center 
> Robbinsville, New Jersey 08691

An address!!  Now we can play a unibomber (just kidding again (i hope)) ...