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[ale] Remote Printing.

> > I've set up my printer on my firewall machine.  I then set up my local 
> > box with a "Remote" printer (both done in the Control Panel).  When I try
> > to print to the printer I get:
> > 
> > moat.orci.com: lpd: lp: Your host does not have line printer access
> > 
> > Moat is the printer host.  Anyone know what I missed?
> > 
> I've only been using RedHat for 4 days now, but I'll take a stab at it:
> 1. Make sure that the printcap entry on the firewall points to the 
>    printer host/print name
> 2. Make sure that the printcap on the local box points to the firewall
>    as the remote host and the printer as the remote printer
> 3. Make sure that your local box has a hostname entry in /etc/hosts.lpd

It was #3.  Now I'm getting "Unknown printer" on my local machine.  I've
defined the local machine in the remote machine's /etc/hosts.equiv (same
effect as hosts.lpd according to man page).  

Any ideas?

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