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[ale] re-writing from address w/sendmail-8.8.8

As you can see from the headers on this message I am getting my
from address as sad at sduchene.users.mindspring.com and since this
address does not exist when I'm not connected I had my old version
of sendmail configured to remap this to sduchene at mindspring.com
using the generics table. My generics table has the following line
in it:

sduchene at mindspring.com sad

which worked fine with sendmail-5.67b+IDA-1.5 sendmail I was running
but several folks hinted to me that I should upgrade to a newer version.
I did so this weekend and this feature stopped working. In my sendmail.cf
there is a line that reads:

# Generics table (mapping outgoing addresses)
Kgenerics hash /usr/local/lib/mail/generics

Can anyone give me any hints as to why this doesn't work.

BTW, since my header on this E-mail message does not have the correct
address just send stuff to the list and I'll see it at work or else
send replies to sduchene at mindspring.com

Steven A. DuChene   Linux Fan!  http://www.mindspring.com/~sduchene

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