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[ale] Lost throughput

> On  7 Nov , Robert L Harris wrote:
> > I got IP forwarding and with alot of help from Chris the ICMP for the
> > most part,I can traceroute but not ping.  Anyway since I put the masq in
> > place I took a nasty hit to throughput.  I had an average through put of
> > 11K/s (external ISDN adapter)  Now I'm lucky to get 6K/s.  I expected some
> > loss, but not that much.  Any ideas?
> Under "Networking options," did you turn on IP defragging?  It's
> probably safer to do so on your gateway box, but it will slow down your
> throughput a fair amount.  Assuming that's the problem, you could try
> it both ways and see if you lose anything important or if you have
> problems sending the right packets to the right machine....

  I have tried it both was and have the same problem.

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