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[ale] IE for Linux

On Fri, 7 Nov 1997, Dave Brooks wrote:

> Im probably going to get wailed on for this, Bu i think the opposite is
> true.  For me, IE 3.02 is very stable.  Netscape seems to be the one
> crashing.

	IE for Win32 has been quite stable for me. I used to prefer
Netscape in Windows, since it was faster than IE. But with the offical
release of IE 4.0 that seems to have changed. My sympathies to Netscape. I
think M$ has them beat.

	Unless IE is really spectacular on Linux I won't run it. Netscape
is enough statically-linked bloat for my system. I can do without the
almost assured corpulence of IE.

	I heard Microsoft was porting COM to Unix, with Linux as one of
their primary targets. Anyone heard anything about this?

Jason Boyles <jason at alltell.net>
.siht ekil ti gnidaer eb d'uoy werbeH ni nettirw erew ecnetnes siht fI