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[ale] On-board controllers

I have an AST Bravo P-90 on which I have disabled in
bios the on-board controllers.  However, last night I
noticed that while installing RedHat 4.2 that I got:

ide0: buggy cmd640b interface on PCI (Type 1) config =0x5a
ide1: not serialized, secondary interface not responding

Now I have installed an IDE controller on which there
is only one HD connection. Does this mean that Linux is
trying to use the on-board controllers and if so how do
I stop that?  Could it be that my controller is plugged
into a board which plugs into the motherboard?  This
is how all the cards are plugged in and I haven't had
any problems with them execpt that my PCI video card
freaks out when I reboot so that I have to turn the
machine off to reboot.
I posted before about some signal 11 errors and such
so I installed all of the equipment (HD, CD, floppy, and
controller) in my 386 and received no errors while
installing.  However, when I put them back in the AST
I got errors about decompressing files and such.  So
now I am in the process of determining where the errors
are originating (board, mem, etc).  Could my problem be
that Linux is still trying to use the on-board
controllers?  I have another computer that I am using to
test the memory however I have no idea how to test the
rest of the board.  Any suggestions?
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