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[ale] IE for Linux?

> Don't knock it.  With the only netscape available for Linux stuck at 
> version 3, maybe MS will be the only web browser that keeps up with
> technology for Linux.  I sure hope not, but it looks like Netscape has
> abandoned us.
Version 3?

I have RH 4.2 and have never had serious problems running NS 4.x and
enjoy the full features of NS 4.03.  I ftp'ed the tar.gz from NS's ftp
site some time

There's supposed to be a better 4.03 available soon, if not now that
supports full 
Java 1.1 AWT and events.  I just haven't the time to check.

I know, some have problems running NS 4.x on Linux, for a variety of
lib, kernel, XFree
issues.   But, my RH 4.2 system has the magic receipe, that anyone can
www.redhat.com's 4.2 distribution tree to find the combo of ingrediants
that work.

Good luck (to us who suffer at the edge).