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[ale] IE for Linux?

On  3 Nov , Jim Lynch wrote:
> Don't knock it.  With the only netscape available for Linux stuck at 
> version 3, maybe MS will be the only web browser that keeps up with
> technology for Linux.  I sure hope not, but it looks like Netscape has
> abandoned us.

Huh?  I've been running 4.0 for months.  Look in
(or linux12 if you're running an older system) and then pick the
appropriate subdirectory.  In my experience, it works a lot better
(Java and everything) than 3.0, though it's a little flaky with
starting up on glibc systems (it'll start the first time, then randomly
give or not give bus errors after that; it's probably something I've
got set up wrong with the glibc or old libc 5 libraries, though).

Chris Ricker                                 gt1355b at prism.gatech.edu