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[ale] Re: Fat32 support?

> >   I have a couple of 4gig drives.  They're partitioned in 2 gig pieces as
> > Windows won't read 4Gig disks.  I've recently been corrected in that OSR2
> > with fat32 support can read the 4Gig drives.  A friend gave me a patch to
> > 2.1.56+ kernels to read a fat32 partition.  
> > 
> >   Does anyone know if/when fat32 will be supported without this patch?  If
> > it's soon, I'll hold off on rebuilding everything for a few weeks.  If not
> > I'll start playing with the patch (something I don't like to do).
> As I have received a new machine and as I'm not keen in re-installing
> that f*cking windows, did you receive any helpful answer about
> support for FAT32?  Do you know if the format is published?

I never saw any answers.  I would really like to hear something though.


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