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[ale] termcap entry for Wyse 60?

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Peter Ekstrom wrote:
> I'm trying to use an old Wyse 60 terminal as a serial console for a PC running
> Linux w/o monitor or keyboard.  Does anyone out there happen to have a working
> termcap entry for a Wyse 60 terminal?  I've tried a few different things but
> none have worked relly well...
> Any help on the subject would be greatly appreciated!
> //Peter

Hi Peter:

Here are a couple of entries of a SCO box.  Maybe this will give you
what you need...
Phone: 770.965.9294
  URL: http://www.esc1.com

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w7|wy60|wyse60|Wyse WY-60 with 80 column/24 line screen in wy60 mode:\
	:k1=^[email protected]\r:k2=^AA\r:k3=^AB\r:k4=^AC\r:k5=^AD\r:k6=^AE\r:k7=^AF\r:\
# Wy60ak:
# Arrow keys are programmed to emit ANSI standard sequences.  Allows 
# applications to distinguish between destructive Back Space and
# non-destructive Left Arrow Key.  END and INS keys also emit
# ANSI standard sequences.
# Held out `te' string so that `is' will remain in effect
# throughout login session.
# On the Enhanced PC Keyboard, only the Cursor Keypad between the Main
# Keypad and the Numeric Keypad is programmable.  These arrow keys
# and special cursor motion keys will function as labeled when using
# wy60ak with applications supporting the wy60ak entry. The Numeric
# Keypad cursor motion keys will continue to emit their default values.
WA|wy60ak|wyse60ak|Wyse 60 in wy60 mode with ANSI arrow keys +:\
#	Entry based on wy60 with wy60ak functionality.  Refer to 
#	wy60ak for more information.
WA|opus3n1+|Esprit  Opus3n1+ in wy60 mode with ANSI arrow keys +:\
w8|wy60w|wyse60w|Wyse WY-60 with 132 column/24 line screen in wy60 mode:\
	:k1=^[email protected]\r:k2=^AA\r:k3=^AB\r:k4=^AC\r:k5=^AD\r:k6=^AE\r:k7=^AF\r:\