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[ale] Re: FTP'ing from ISP with wintel box as FTP server

Thanks to all which have answered.

some people were wondering why is that i simply did not GET the file(s)
from the ISP using the linux ftp client.

the reason is that all this is part of a hack using unix
named pipes to send large amounts of ouput produced by a unix process 
running at the ISP host,  thru FTP and into my linux box, without 
writing an output file in my ISP at all.  

The scheme may not work after all:
i just tried to ftp from unix to unix, with ftp reading input from a 
named pipe, and ftp did not like it at all: complained about input file type.

i figure ftp probably checks to see if it is a regular file and maybe reads
its size, and part of it to determine if it is an ascii file, and all that
(probably) does not work for a named pipe.  In other words, i probably would 
have to modify the ISP unix ftp and i bet the ISP would rather shoot me 
than to allow me to set the proper ownership/permissions for my 'own'
version to execute.

if anyone has any ideas on this, an easier way, etc., let me know

- josin

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