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[ale] netscape 4.0b5 messages

On 10 Jul, charlie hubbard wrote:
>   I'm getting some unresolved symbol messages when I start up netscape.
> Does anyone else get
> these messages?
> netscape: can't resolve symbol 'XmCreateForm'
> netscape: can't resolve symbol 'XmCreatePushButton'
> netscape: can't resolve symbol 'XmStringFree'

They're from the libnullplugin.so (or whatever it's called; I always
just delete mine).  If you're dying to have that functionless plugin,
you can preload motif before running Netscape and the symbols will

On a vaguely related topic, I noticed that Netscape 4.01b6 finally came
with a version dynamically linked with Motif.  Unfortunately, it's
linked to 1.2 and I have 2.0.  Has anyone had success running that with


Chris Ricker                                 gt1355b at prism.gatech.edu