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[ale] RedHat5.0

> > For those who are interested you can buy redhat 5.0 for 29.95 from
> > Linux labs. http://www.lsl.com
> Kinda puts a damper on selling it for $40 to make cash for ALE????
Not if you have the boxed version of RH 5.0 that includes a book and the
X server (as an X server choice to XFree86).

I was going to order RH 5.0 direct from RH, just to send the $$ to the
folks who did the 
work.  You know, support your local linux'er type thing.

If the $29.95 is just the free RH 5.0 off the net stamped onto a CD then
it's not that 
good of a deal.

BTW, even if the $29.95 offer is the boxed version, I'd still give you
$40 to give some to ALE.