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[ale] Setting a Windows machine to a Linux Printer

I've used a shareware Windows LPR Spooler "wlprspl" now and again.

A search will turn up a few hits. It's handy if you don't want to 
fool with the Microsoft Network Client, which seems to me to make
the Windows computer to be even more sluggish. 
What nice about Samba is it makes it even simpler to drag files 
back and forth.

On 01-Dec-97 Robert L Harris wrote:
>  My Linux box can now print to my printer haning off my other linux box.
>Everything is working great, including the filter.  Now, how do I make 
>my local machine print to it when I'm in 95?  I can't tell winblowz to
>find the network printer cause the print server's in Linux and 95 won't
>recognize it.
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Date: 01-Dec-97
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