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[ale] Developer Release 2 of MkLinux

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>Date: Tue, 24 Sep 1996 19:01:20 -0400
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>From: myron.cramer at gtri.gatech.edu (Myron L. Cramer)
>Subject: Developer Release 2 of MkLinux
>Date: Mon, 23 Sep 1996 13:45:11 -0400
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>Subject: PR--Developer Release 2 of MkLinux
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>Apple Delivers More Robust Tools and Features for MkLinux for Power
>PC-Based Computers
>The Developer Release 2 of MkLinux from Apple Provides Developers and
>Customers with a Substantially Enhanced Tool Set and Valuable Features
>for UNIX and Internet Based Computing Solutions
>Cupertino, California--Sept. 23, 1996--Apple Computer, Inc. announced
>today that it is making available Developer Release 2 of MkLinux. Based
>on the Open Software Foundation (OSF) Mach Kernel, MkLinux allows users
>to run UNIX applications and solutions on high performance Power PC-based
>products. The DR2 release delivers substantially improved performance and
>stability, and many features Linux developers and customers have been
>asking for.
>The DR2 release delivers a substantially enhanced tool set including the
>latest GCC compiler, improved system debuggers, TCL, and source code
>management tools. The DR2 release will also provide many bug fixes to the
>DR1 release. Customers and developers should experience substantial
>performance improvements and greater system stability over the DR1
>Apple is making the source code for Developer Release 2 available free of
>charge on the Apple MkLinux website at: http://www.mklinux.apple.com/
>along with snapshots of MkLinux, updates, patches, and late-breaking
>news. Apple's MkLinux Developer Release 2 CD is available from Prime Time
>Freeware for U.S. $20. For more information on ordering the CD and
>special offers, contact Prime Time Freeware at (408) 433-9662, fax (408)
>433-0727, email: info at ptf.com, or visit their website at:
>http://www.ptf.com/. Third parties interested in selling the MkLinux
>Developer Release 2 CD should contact Prime Time Freeware at (415)
>321-2198, fax (415) 321-2199, or email: lissa at ptf.com.
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