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[ale] How can I use pppd over a 7E1 connection?

Chris Milam Writes :

:Any alternatives or other suggestions?
:Chris Milam.........milam at ahpook.atl.ga.us
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Hi Chris,

  Like Geoff mentions, pppd won't work with your 7-bit configuration. I
would try to convince the system administrators to use an 8-bit clean setup,
but that might not be possible. 

  An alternative you can use is to use TCP/UDP  emulators, such as Term. You
will need access to a shell in the server, and --obviously-- access to a shell
in the client. Term has the ability to escape characters based on a
configuration file created by the user. You need to be aware though, that
you are trading off speed for the ability to work with a 7-bit line. It's a
little bit harder to configure than regular ppp and you have to deal with
the fact that you need to make applications term-aware. 

  Another option is to use slip instead of ppp. There is kernel-level
support for slip encapsulation in lines that are not eight-bit clean, and 
user-level slip software (such as dip) allows you to configure the
slip device to use lines that are not eight-bit clean. Check the 'data'
command in the dip man page. 

To learn how to setup your slip connection please read the NET-2-HOWTO. 

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