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ksh for linux

} > Which shell for linux is most like ksh?  Or is there a ksh for linux?
} You can get real ksh93 for Linux, for pay (check out a recent Linux Journal)
} and also for free from a URL off of research.att.com (I forget where).

I sure wouldn't pay for it.  The pdksh mentioned by myself and others is
certainly close enough that I would use it.

} These days bash is pretty close, and it's already on your Linux system.

I beg to differ.  Although bash may offer some enhancements to standard sh,
the differences between bash and ksh are substantial.  Anyone used to ksh
should go with the pdksh.  It is available via ftp and there is virually no
difference between ksh and pdksh.  With bash, you're going have to unlearn
alot.  I like that fact that the shell I use at work, ksh, and the one I
use at home pdksh are the same (basically).

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