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} Just a followup: Finally took apart my computer so I could really see
} the back of the CDROM (much disassembly required!). It is definitely
} jumpered as master. This is supposed to be correct. Anyone successfully
} using an ATAPI CDROM successfully? I got one suggestion that I get a
} different EIDE controller, but that is a last resort. Any help would be
} greatly appreciated.

I've been through this already.  I believe you already indicated that you
built a new kernel with the ATAPI support.  It seems that the problem is
that you must identify your cdrom to the kernel by adding an entry into
LILO, something like:  append = "hdd=cdrom". If you're not using LILO, then
you must add this as a line when the boot disk asks you if there's anything
you want to identify.  This worked for me.  You must first identify the
device /dev/hdc, /dev/hdd whatever.  Verify that the device exists under
/dev.  If it does not, create it using the MAKEDEV.ide1 script, I believe
it's under /usr/src/linux/drivers/block.  If you can't find it, let me
know I'll send you a copy, it's short.  Let me know if you've done this or
if it works/doesn't work........

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