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Adaptec 1542B - Unable to determine DMA priority

I'm trying to boot a new machine using the latest Slackware boot disks.
The light on the SCSI card comes on when both the buslogic and adaptec
probing happens.  It seems to recognize the card as an Adaptec, cause it
	Unable to determain DMA priority, card disabled.

I have another Adaptec 1542B which works fine.  Has anyone seen 
this and know how to get around it.  The SCSI Howto just mentions how
to tell the card it's address.  I tried this (it's at the factory defaults)
and it didn't print anything about the Adaptec stuff, and it did not detect
the card.

Any help would be great.

Dan Newcombe                    newcombe at aa.csc.peachnet.edu
"And the man in the mirror has sad eyes."       -Marillion