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[af-ix-discuss] Renseignements, Interconnexion de deux POP

HI Michuki,

Thank you very much for these clarifications.


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Hi Benny,

> On Jan 11, 2018, at 1:46 PM, Benny.MBOKO at arpce.cg wrote:
> Hi Franck,
> Thank you for all these explanations.
> a CCTLD at the IXP level.
> Question: If the entire CCTLD infrastructure is to be at the IXP level, this infrastructure must be like any other member of the IXP who peering with other. Is it this?

Correct. You want the ccTLD infrastructure to be completely independent of the IXP peering and Management infrastructure. This means that it needs to have its own router, switches, servers, IP addresses space, ASN, transit provider, etc. It should peer like any other member of the IXP. They only thing they might want to share in common is the location and power.

> If it is a copy of a CCTLD that needs to be at the IXP level, that copy should just be configured with one of the peering IP addresses. Is it this?

What do you mean by a copy of the ccTLD ? If you mean an instance of the ccTLD DNS servers, then in this case you this should ideally be announced from an independent network that is peering at the IXP. Remember, as per best practice, the Peering LAN prefix at the IXP, should NOT be advertised or visible inside the members/ISP networks. As such, providing a DNS service using the Peering LAN prefix will require that the prefix be advertised inside the ISP/member networks.

In this case, if the IXP wants to offer an instance of the local ccTLD at the IXP, then the IXP can offer a Server/Virtual Machine, on an IP address from its IXP Management Network to the ccTLD for this purpose. Remember, the IXP Management Network (IP + ASN) should peer at the IXP switch like other members.

I hope this helps,



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