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[af-ix-discuss] Your help please

Hi Benny,

I hope I understood the google translation ok.

What is important is that the subnet where all peers are connected
(peering LAN) will not be visible globally. This is the same for IPv4
and IPv6.

The IPv4 block (/24) used for the peering LAN should not be visible
globally. The block for the management LAN should be visible globally
and is being advertised through BGP.

In IPv6 you should choose a /64 block for the peering LAN subnet from
one of the /48 blocks. That /48 block should not be visible globally.

The management subnet(s) should be visible globally, and because of that
will have to be from the other /48 block.

Please let us know if you have any questions.



On 23/08/18 17:31, Benny.MBOKO at arpce.cg wrote:
> Bonjour ? tous,
> J'ai deux pr?fix IPv6 en /48: un pour le peering et un autre pour le management. Un seul ne suffirait pas pour tous les besoins de l'IXP?
> En IPv4, on attribue tout un /24 pour le peering et un autre /24 pour le management et les services de l'IXP (donc d?coupage possible). Comment devra-t-on utiliser les 2 /48 de l'IPv6 au niveau de l'IXP sachant qu'un LAN doit-?tre en /64?
> Cordialement
> Benny MBOKO
> Arpce/Congo
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