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[6bone] ipv6 peering information

On Tue, 2005-03-08 at 07:24 -0800, Thomas Budicin wrote:
>Hi, i'm Thomas Budicin, i'm from italy. I want to know if i can have a 
>6bone address space.

There are no new pTLA's being given out. If you want IPv6 connectivity
try to to go to an ISP that supports it and request it from them.

For a list of italian ISP's doing IPv6, see:


>When 6lab testing finish?

6bone will end 6/6/2006. I don't know what '6lab' is though.
And as mentioned previously, there are a number of sites already
blocking anything from/to 3ffe::/16, thus the usage of these prefixes is
becoming limited.


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