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[6bone] multicast routing problem

HI,I had patched my linux router with USAGI patch,I run ssmpingd at my
linux router,its seem PIM is running i try to ssmping from HA,CH, AP1 and
AP2, only HA got multicast reply. When i check with route -A inet6, i saw
a route to HA(interface),i did make 4 static-multicast route point to
HA,CH,AP1 and AP2 but only HA receiver multicast reply packet.

Later when i try to set 1 route point (only 1 with ip route add
ff6d:1:1:1::2222 dev eth2) to AP1,AP1 receive multicast reply from router.
its mean my test-bed is multicast support,am i right? it is because
multicast routing problem. This also happen when i change my router OS to
freeBSD 4.10 with pim6sd running

Anyone know this?

HA----------------------Foreign Router------------------AP1
MH                                    AP2

My HA,CH and MH=kernel 2.4.26 with MIPL 1.1
My Both AP are kernel 2.4.26 together with HOSTAP

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