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[6bone] Unusual request

Hi All,

A member of a forums board that I help to run has been having trouble trying 
to get a russian site to remove her material.
Basically a few months ago http://www.visual-format.net/ was cloned by two 
other sites, an English site (which has now been resolved)
and the russian site - http://www.01www.ru . It is identical, switch the 
mood of visual-format.net to green and the same images appear
as well as the layout, structure, CSS right down to the alt tags.

She has had no success contacting either the site (the contact name 
[email protected] from RIPN just bounces back) nor has she had any response 
from the hosting ISP Agava.ru. This has been going on since November last 

What should the next step be in this, who is higher up, who is providing 
backbone access to the ISP?

domain:     01WWW.RU
type:       CORPORATE
descr:      Domain for Web Server Hosted by AGAVA Software
nserver:    ns1.agava.net.ru.
nserver:    ns2.agava.net.ru.
person:     Konyukhov Yuriy Mikhaylovich
phone:      +7 095 7300780
fax-no:     +7 095 7300780
e-mail:     [email protected]
registrar:  GPT-REG-RIPN
created:    2004.10.13
paid-till:  2005.10.13
source:     TC-RIPN



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