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[6bone] .int / .arpa

Jeroen wrote:

>For what do you need ip6.int?
>By now (ip6.int was deprecated 4 years ago!) you should have switched
>everything to ip6.arpa already.
Some services still resolve int records. I was in "sleeping mode" with 
ipv6 projects, but im back, i want to be "on time" when all start 
working :) I have new IP and some time to work. I want to change/add 
ipv6's to my webserver, ssh, ircserver, 2 lan networks (every comp with 
private ipv6), some route practice, and rest of things that i make using 
ipv4. I want to check how far can i go with new architecture.

>What you can do is a DNAME:
>ip6.int DNAME ip6.arpa.
>Put that in any of your DNS servers which you use for resolving as
>authoritative and you are done.
>$ dig @ns1.sixxs.net remove.ip6.int
>ip6.int.                604800  IN      DNAME   ip6.arpa.
>remove.ip6.int.         0       IN      CNAME   remove.ip6.arpa.
Thx. I will work now with DNAME. But for now (12:27 CET) i leave old int 
like it is, and just add arpa records. Some clean/remove int in future, 
is in my plan :)