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[6bone] My Ipv6 website update

Gav wrote:

> move to their new server. The tspc service for XP SP2 I think is not 
> as good
> as previous connections, I keep getting timeouts and Socket Errors so 
> the tunnel
> keeps dropping.
> Sometimes the connection  will last a couple of days and other times 
> only a couple
> of hours.
> | I've stumbled on a month old email in the 6bone mailing list from you
> | about your site (minitutorials.com). Just wanted to tell you that it
> | still doesn't work, it gets ito a routing loop

This may sound a little stupid, but I have had a few problems myself 
with tunnelling through on XP SP2, and found that disabling the QoS 
(Quality of Service) Packet Scheduler helped.  I'm not sure if it was 
eating IPv6 packets or something...

The Packet scheduler "provides network traffic control, including rate 
of flow and prioritization services."  It can be disabled from the 
connection properties dialog box.

Anyhow, give it a shot and see if it helps.