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[6bone] Request: two 6bone pTLAs

On Thu, 2004-05-13 at 12:43, Iljitsch van Beijnum wrote:
> On 12-mei-04, at 21:15, J?rgen Hovland wrote:
> >> Not everyone wants to run a DHCP client.

Of which I am one of them. Also sticking a lot of options into DHCP
makes applications depend on DHCP and there simply is not DHCP
everywhere, we do have routing everywhere :)

> >> Directing traffic for a WKA address to a suitable DNS server(s) would
> >> be far easier.

It indeed is.

> > You still need to actually _know_ if the network use WKA or not. 
> > Determing
> > that manually or by probing is not an acceptable solution. If you want 
> > WKA
> > to work automaticly, you would need a way to advertise on the network 
> > that
> > "we use WKA here", like RA.
> No, that's not the way it works. The well-known addresses would be 
> available for everyone everywhere, so any type of advertising or 
> probing is unnecessary.
> If the local network runs one or more anycast instances, then the 
> requests will be handled locally. If not, the requests will find their 
> way to a more remote anycast instance. So as long as there is 
> connectivity to the IPv6 internet, the WKAs work.

I agree fully with you and I also see that this really something I would
like to have. Though I would either not directly use DNS but a small udp
challenge/response which could return multiple responses directing to
these DNS servers and maybe even some more information, like standaard
services (outgoing smtp etc) in the local network depending on how much
information is given to the server responding to the request.


> >> The WKA should be confined internally to organisations, as a
> >> convenience, should they wish to make use of it.

An organisation can announce/route the prefix used by these DNS or other
discovery servers them selves and that issue is solved.

> So what exactly would be the purpose of having them? What I want is to 
> be able to open up my laptop, have it autoconfigure an IPv6 address and 
> just use the IPv6 internet without having to think about it. This is 
> only going to work if the WKAs are reachable everywhere.

Indeed and this doesn't work with DHCP as DHCP isn't available
everywhere and when we need to add it to RA's and every other method
there will be umpteen ways to do this while one solution could suffice.

> An alternative to globally reachable WKAs would be site-local WKAs. I 
> think Microsoft even uses those already. But waiting for the whole 
> world to implement those isn't very attractive and then there is the 
> whole site-local problem

The 'ipconfig /all' indeed shows fec0::53 or something addresses but, as
far as I know, no Windows IPv6 implementation can do IPv6 transported
DNS queries. Also as site-local is on the way out, this is no option.

Next to that this will also make the availability dependant on the
locally available services, thus if there still was  a 'site local'
something then it would have to be configured everywhere, while now only
the ISP's or the organisations wanting to have a convienience for their
users would need to set this up.

> [sorry about using up so much bandwidth, btw]

Useful discussions are no waste of bandwidth ;)


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