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[6bone] Ipv6 Enabled Web Site

On my site (www.fpsn.net) to all we do is check for colons in the 
REMOTE_ADDR environment variable (we also use apache 2) and it seems to 
do the trick rather well.   With a successful IPv6 connection IPv6 users 
see a small blurb at the bottom:


Internet Protocol Version 6 aware user detected.

Hope this helps.

Gav wrote:

>Hi All,
>I want to create an IPv6 only version of my web site. I want that version to 
>be the same as the IPv4 version
>except for some extra content on existing pages and also some v6 only extra 
>I notice www.kame.net and a few others have at the bottom of their page a 
>line which tells the user if they are visiting
>the site using a v6 address or a v4 address. I would like to know how to do 
>this. I am guessing something to do with
>HTTP_REFERER is involved but not sure how to implement.
>The extra content I am guessing I can use SSI includes and using conditional 
>statements include them if HTTP_REFERER is v6 or leave them out if it is v4. 
>I am using VirtualHosts on my Apache2 server, I am thinking I implement 
>another VirtualHost container to listen out for the v6 socket.
>I want to do this so as to promote the use of IPv6 and if they are not 
>enabled, then give a short tutorial on how to get enabled, then they are 
>rewarded with this extra content.
>The other thing is, although I am v6 enabled and have an account with 
>FREENET6 , my ipv6 if seems correct, kame.net still says I am viewing using 
>a v4 address, any ideas at what I have missed ?
>Thanks people, I thought you might like something to do :)
>www.minitutorials.com   <---- The site I am thinking of using. (online when 
>my ISP isnt playing up!)
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