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[6bone] Re: reverse 6dns painful (was Re: reverse DNS consideredpointless)


On Fri, Feb 13, 2004 at 07:46:58AM +0000, Peter Bunclark wrote:
> > I disagree with with any popular DNS providing this feature as it
> > promotes non-standard "standards" (think: Microsoft's active directory
> > service)
> >
> I agree with Chuck, and we were kind of getting there with the bitstring
> proposed standard (but that is ugly, to say the least). Wouldn't it make
> reverse tables just so much easier to view, debug, and yes, create by
> hand, if you could do something like
> +3ffe:1:2:3::4   PTR home.6bone.net

This is exactly the *problem* about the bitstring standard.

To achieve the net result ("human readable IPv6 addresses in the reverse
zone") you don't need to mess up the whole DNS *protocol* - this is a
pure front-end issue.  Run your DNS zones through a perl mangler before
feeding to BIND, and no need to change anything at protocol level.

And this is exactly what Jeroen has been saying: non-BIND-solutions 
already have these preprocessing capabilities.

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