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[6bone] Solaris 9 + IPv6

Hello everyone,

I've got a few questions regarding Solaris 9 OS and IPv6 protocol. I would be 
grateful if anyone could answer any of those:

1) /etc/defaultrouter for IPv6

Is there any "decent" place where one may specify default route for IPv6, like 
in /etc/defaultrouter for IPv4?

Assumptions: There is no IPv6-enabled router in the LAN, so Ethernet interface 
is not configured for IPv6 (no /etc/hostname6.if_name). Solaris box that I am 
thinking of has only a static IPv6 over IPv4 tunnel (/etc/hostname6.ip.tun0).

2) Did you encounter any problems with RPC after activation of IPv6?

Aug  4 11:07:52 mars rpcbind: [ID 489175 daemon.error] Unable to join IPv6 
multicast group for rpc broadcast FF02::202
Aug  4 11:08:11 mars ip: [ID 603775 kern.notice] ip_queue_to_ill_v6: no ill
Aug  4 11:08:26 mars last message repeated 3 times
Aug  4 11:08:41 mars /usr/dt/bin/ttsession[454]: [ID 161973 daemon.error] 
t_connect(): System error
Aug  4 11:08:41 mars last message repeated 1 time

ttsession fails and I cannot log into CDE environment which makes the system 
unusable from my point of view.

Assumptions: Again, only a static IPv6 over IPv4 tunnel. IPv6 is not enabled on 
the Ethernet interface.

Should I activate IPv6 also on Ethernet interface, even if there is no logical 
need for this?

3) firewall on the host

What are my options today? Any free solution? Any stateful solution?
For IPv4, IP Filter (AKA ipf) is just enough for me.


Grzegorz Banasiak
IPv6 Project
Research and Development Department, Telekomunikacja Polska S.A.