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[6bone] Some dumb questions

As a relative newbie to IPv6 I have to ask dumb questions.

1. How easy is it to setup an IPv6 host for DNS?
2. How do I add an AAAA record into DNS?
3. Is it possible for an IPv6 host to find an IPv4 host using DNS?
4. Is it possible for an IPv4 host to find an IPv6 host using DNS?
5. There must be some sort of gateway between IPv4 and IPv6 to allow two-way communication. How is this done?
6. Is it possible to setup an IPv6-only mail server? How does the mail exchanger record work in this case?
7. Is it possible to setup an IPv6-DNS server?
8. Where do I find resources on IPv6 autoconfiguration and how to set it up?
9. Are there IPv6 DHCP/bootp servers available and what software do they use?


John Andrews
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