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[6bone] e.f.f.3.ip6.arpa status ? (16 April 2004 - try #3)

One wonders why AARNET isn't listed there. Anyway, there's lots of tunnels
in AU too :) Personally I've got about 60 floating about, interest is
growing. (Yes I am subbed off one of the ones listed hehe).


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On Tue, Apr 20, 2004 at 11:47:02AM +1000, Anand Kumria wrote:
> I only have 6bone address space and 'production IPv6 address space' is 
> unlikely to roll to .au around by 06/06/2006.

Why?  APNIC has the same IPv6 allocation rules as RIPE, and there is already
*lots* of official IPv6 space in the AP region.

If I check the RIPE IPv6 allocation page, I can see 5 allocations in .au -
this is not very much, but it's definitely a start:

CONNECT-AU-19990916                                2001:0210::/35
V6TELSTRAINTERNET-AU-20011211                      2001:0360::/32
NTTIP-AU-20020910                                  2001:0C78::/32
DATAFX-AU-20031112                                 2001:0DB0::/32
PI-AU-20040102                                     2001:0E28::/32

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