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[6bone] e.f.f.3.ip6.arpa status ? (16 April 2004 - try #3)


On Mon, Apr 19, 2004 at 03:23:11PM -0400, James wrote:
> I second both of you. I also would like to know the status of this 
> .arpa project? And anything the community can do to help as well.

Seems that the-powers-that-be have lost the little interest they had
in making e.f.f.3.ip6.arpa happen.

I, for one, have given up waiting and asking for it.  How many years has
this not-happened now?  2 years?  More?

Let's filter all 6bone routes, shut down 6bone peerings, and forget that
it ever existed.  Instead of wasting energy on reverse DNS for something
that doesn't want it.  (Have you noticed that it's only "production v6"
people asking for e.f.f.3.ip6.arpa reverse DNS?)

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