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[6bone] pTLA deallocation

% Pim,
% >I've removed the ip6.int files from our nameservers and retracted the
% >BGP announcements for the /28 network sometime last week. I checked just
% >now and see that the network no longer exists on 6BONE. That means I'm
% >ready to officially give the allocation back to the registry.
% >
% I can't think of any. Let's see if others come up with any.

	as with any DNS work, if you remove the child records,
	you need to tell the parent that the delegation is gone,
	otherwise it remains lame.   
	I'll update the e.f.f.3.ip6.int zone to reflect this prefix
	is no longer delegated.
	(whois is only one of the databases used. :)