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[6bone] whois.6bone.net has only v4 connectivity?

Gert Doering
> is ist just me...?
> $ dig whois.6bone.net any
> ...
> whois.6bone.net.        1H IN A
> is it a bug, or a mis-feature, that whois.6bone.net does not have IPv6
> connectivity?

That has $always been the case.
A couple of weeks ago www.6bone.net only did v4 too :(

On another note... since when is there the possibility for delegating
2002::/16 reverses ?

3.0.0.d.d.e.3.c.  23h56m28s IN NS  nya.vihti.fi.
3.0.0.d.d.e.3.c.  23h56m28s IN NS  nl.vihti.fi.
6.0.0.d.d.e.3.c.  23h56m28s IN NS  nl.vihti.fi.
6.0.0.d.d.e.3.c.  23h56m28s IN NS  nya.vihti.fi.

odd SOA record though 20021402, month 14 ?

I also noticed that 
f.5.ip6.int.            NS      ns.isi.edu.
f.5.ip6.int.            NS      flag.ep.net.
is still loaded onto the NS's and...
 *** ip6.int SOA record at ns.isi.edu is not authoritative
Also nicely shown with: