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[6bone] Call for help: Multicast over tunneled ipv6

On Mon, 16 Sep 2002, LINDGREN, BJORN [IT/0454] wrote:
> AFAIK Cisco IOS does not support IPv6 multicast other than MBGP in the
> production images.

No, v6 MBGP (for multicast routes) is not supported.

> No PIM-SM/PIM-DM/MSDP/MLDv2 for IPv6. There exists a development/beta image
> with IPv6 Multicast support IIRC.


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> From: Jørgen Hovland [mailto:[email protected]]
> Sent: den 14 september 2002 13:02
> To: Ben Winslow; 6BONE List
> Subject: Re: [6bone] Call for help: Multicast over tunneled ipv6
> You didnt give much information like if you are using dvmrp tunnels etc..
> Your cisco is in front of the linuxmachine on a seperate interface which
> does the tunneling? 
> LAN1 <-> cisco <-> linux LAN2 <-> tunnel <-> linux <-> LAN3 ?
> Are all the nodes in the same domain ? How is your pim configuration set?
> joergen hovland
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> From: "Ben Winslow" <[email protected]>
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> Sent: Saturday, September 14, 2002 3:45 AM
> Subject: [6bone] Call for help: Multicast over tunneled ipv6
> Has anyone had any luck using multicast over a tunneled v6 connection? 
> Everything works on the local ethernet segment (of course), but I can't
> get past the router--the other end doesn't see any of the multicast
> packets.  (I was testing with an ipv6ip tunnel to another site in this
> case)
> It's quite possible that I don't have the router set up correctly, but I
> don't know what I'm doing wrong if that's the case.  I've been browing
> assorted multicast docs on cisco's site, and *as far as I know*, I have
> everything configured correctly.
> Can anyone suggest any possible 'gotchas' or condensed guides?
> Some details:
> Router: Cisco IOS Version 12.2(8)T5
> Nodes on each end: Linux 2.4.x (16 <= x <= 19)
> IPv6 on the local ethernet segment is native until the router
> Router connects to the world with 6to4
> Test nodes were connected by means of native ipv6 -> router -> ipv6ip
> over v4 internet -> ipv6 sit interface in Linux
> I'd be happy to provide configuration snippets or other details if
> they'll help.

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