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[6bone] ipv6 setup question


hope nobody minds me asking this in the 6bone list, but i'm running out
of lists where i can ask (tried debian-ipv6, snap-users, openbsd-ipv6,
openbsd-misc, usagi). hope somebody has an idea!

i want to setup the following:

3ffe:2029:8400:0:1::1 - openbsd 3.1-stable router (i386)
                          xl0 3ffe:2029:8400:0:1::1
                          xl1 no addresses
                          bridge0 - xl0 and xl1
the linux, linuxusagi and the netbsd machines are connected to a hub,
which is connected to xl1.

\--- 3ffe:2029:8400:0:1::2 - linux usagi 2.2.19 box (i386)
\--- 3ffe:2029:8400:0:1::3 - normal linux 2.2.19 box (i386)
\--- 3ffe:2029:8400:0:1::4 - netbsd 1.5 (alpha)

when i try to ping6 the gateway from the linux boxes it fails. (host
--(linux2219usagi: $:~)-- ping6 3ffe:2029:8400:0:1::1
PING 3ffe:2029:8400:0:1::1(3ffe:2029:8400:0:1::1) from \
  3ffe:2029:8400:0:1::2 : 56 data bytes
>From 3ffe:2029:8400:0:1::2 icmp_seq=3 Destination unreachable: Address \

--(linux2219usagi: $:~)-- ip -6 neigh
--(linux2219usagi: $:~)-- 

(the same from the linux2219 box.)
and the same from the netbsd box.
however as soon as i ping the linux box from the openbsd box:

--(openbsd: $:~)-- ping6 3ffe:2029:8400:0:1::2
PING6(56=40+8+8 bytes) 3ffe:2029:8400:0:1::1 --> 3ffe:2029:8400:0:1::2
16 bytes from 3ffe:2029:8400:0:1::2, icmp_seq=5 hlim=64 time=27.794 ms
16 bytes from 3ffe:2029:8400:0:1::2, icmp_seq=8 hlim=64 time=7.178 ms
--- 3ffe:2029:8400:0:1::2 ping6 statistics ---
9 packets transmitted, 6 packets received, 33% packet loss
round-trip min/avg/max/std-dev = 2.870/517.059/2028.869/771.456 ms

it makes the entries just fine and i can ping the other way around fine:
--(linux2219usagi: $:~)-- ip -6 neigh
3ffe:2029:8400:0:1::1 dev eth0 lladdr 00:50:da:84:bf:49 router nud stale
fe80::250:daff:fe84:bf49 dev eth0 lladdr 00:50:da:84:bf:49 nud stale

i did a tcpdump on the openbsd box, showing the linux2219usagi box
trying to ping the openbsd box:
--($:~)-- tcpdump -i xl0 -n proto ipv6-icmp
tcpdump: listening on xl0
17:36:55.462827 3ffe:2029:8400:0:1::2 > ff02::1:ff00:1: icmp6: neighbor
sol: who has 3ffe:2029:8400:0:1::1
17:36:56.462734 3ffe:2029:8400:0:1::2 > ff02::1:ff00:1: icmp6: neighbor
sol: who has 3ffe:2029:8400:0:1::1

so i now have exactly the same problem with the netbsd box as well. ping
between the boxes netbsd, linux2219, linux2219usagi works. ping to
the openbsd bridge from one of the boxes does not work. when i ping from
the openbsd box to one of the boxes it works. after that, the back-ping
does work too!!

so it definitly seems to be some openbsd problem. (is it the bridge that
makes problems? i will try this on wendesday when i got console access
to that firewall box) 

i hope you have an idea, thank you and greetz