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[6bone] Re: ip6 conversion script


On Wed, Sep 04, 2002 at 12:15:08PM -0700, Bill Manning wrote:
> % I know that *today*, 3ffe isn't delegated under ip6.arpa, but besides
> % political bickering, I see no reason why this can't be fixed in the future.
> % 
> % Having two reverse domains, one of them "official" and the other one
> % "complete" sucks big time.
> 	Yes, but what can be done?  The address architecture doc
> 	calls out a number of distinct methods of creating v6
> 	addresses.  RFC 3152 section 3, kind of prohibits adding 
> 	some of those things to ip6.arpa.

In a way, yes.

Seen some other way, there is a "6bone registry", which could be seen
as a perfectly fine (special case) RIR on its own.  The "region" it's 
serving is "the 6bone".  The RFC doesn't enumerate the RIRs it's talking 
about, nor does it define "regional IP registry" in any specific way.

I am repeating myself here: this is political nonsense.

Let's fix the technical issues.

Gert Doering
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