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[6bone] Re: 6bone pTLA 3FFE:4013::/32 allocated to NDSOFTWARE


> [To create a reverse DNS registration for pTLAs, please send the prefix 
> allocated above, and a list of at least two authoritative nameservers, to 
> [email protected]]

I have send an email on 11 Nov 2002 04:13:55 +0100 to [email protected]
for createa reverse DNS registration for 3ffe:4013::/32.

I have resend my email 3 times but always no reply of [email protected]

How NDSoftware can get reverse for its pTLA if [email protected] don't
reply ?

Best Regards,

Nicolas DEFFAYET, NDSoftware
NOC Website: http://noc.ndsoftwarenet.com/
FNIX6: http://www.fnix6.net/