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[6bone] Re: RFC 2772 input from RIR space holder

Tim Chown <[email protected]> writes:

> My suggestion is that while 3ffe: prefix sites are perhaps the greatest
> culprits, the 2001: space has its share too.

That's certainly true. however there is a clear tendency: the most
experimental and old stuff can be found in 6bone, and the most mature
and native networks have 2001 space.

> Thus the way to get some
> kind of structure and predictability (and thus reliability) is for 
> mutually interested networks to get together to talk policy

Well, you know that this is happening between LIRs. It's outside the
scope of 6bone, though. Independant of other problems, 6bone should
see to minimise its share of negative impact.

> (note that technically under the RIR rules, an NREN
> cannot get 2001: allocations as most do not serve 200 universities).

This is just not true. "University" is not the only possibly entity to
which you may assign addresses.