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[6bone] Re: RFC 2772 input from RIR space holder

% On Friday 22 November 2002 11:55 am, Jeroen Massar wrote:
% > Apparently you don't know that you can BUY IPv6 transit and connectivity
% > in many different parts of the world (Actually I think almost
% > everywhere).
% >
% > You might contact:
% >  - VERIO
% >  - NTT / IIJ
% >  - GlobalCrossing
%  That's interesting news to me. We're a customer of GlobalCrossing and are 
% trying to get back onto the 6bone (we have an allocation from a while ago 
% -see http://www.cs-ipv6.lancs.ac.uk/ipv6/6Bone/Whois/USL-UK.html - but it 
% appears that the 5F1A block has been discontinued and our upstream provider 
% has disappeard).
%   We contacted GlobalCrossing about getting an IPV6 feed and they looked 
% completely blank about it. Maybe we were speaking to the wrong people there...
% cheers
% john

	depends on where you are, apparently.
	none of the above carriers is willing/able to
	give me native IPv6 in my market.  its all
	going to be back-hauled via tunnels to places
	where they support native connections. :(

	tunnels are apparently still a useful tool. :)