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[6bone] Fw: Filtering

Dear Christian Nickel,

> hi 6bone folks,

> i got a nice mail from Deffayet

>> I'm glad to announce that NDSoftware (AS25358) has setup filters for
>> drop any packets from and to 2001:658:217::/48, 2001:618:B::/48,
>> 2001:768:1800::/40.
>> >From your website (http://www.tdoi.org):
>> "Our Autonomous System does not accept prefix 3ffe:4013::/32.
>> Any route via AS25358 will be removed.
>> You cannot reach any prefix routed via AS25358!"
>> It's too funny.

blah blah blah, can't you just stop fighting? christian, the filtering
is just a provocation, so now Nicolas filters back. senseless.

>> Have a nice day with your broken IPv6 network.

have a nice day with your f*cking fights. and PLEASE don't blame the
6bone mailing list with that crap, we want to to serious talk about
serious problems, not about kiddish problems,


best regards,
Sascha Bielski                            mailto:[email protected]
xs26.net German Coordination
phone: +49 (0) 174 / 432 93 76
email: [email protected]