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[6bone] 2001:240::/35 ghost route

>	we (IIJ, AS2497) have migrated from 2001:240::/35 to 2001:240::/32.
>	we stopped announcement of 2001:240::/35 on oct 16.  however,
>	junk routes are still floating around (via AS6175 and/or AS145).
>	also i got a report that AS1103 is sourcing 2001:240::/32.

	correction - we (AS2497) still are advertising 2001:240::/35, to defend
	against ghost routes.  sorry for the confusion.  so,
	(1) if you see 2001:240::/35 or 2001:240::/32 source by other parties,
	let us know.