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[6bone] Meeting agenda in Atlanta

So we will meet over lunch on Tuesday, at a room to be decided when I arrive
and ask the IETF organizers which one I can use. Given the possibility of a
projector that works, I propose the following agenda. Please add/edit as you
see fit to the list.

-Intro: (5 minutes)
-6bone-Mess draft discussion (Pekka Savola)(10-15 minutes)
	-discussion (5-10 minutes)
-2772bis changes  (Rob Rockell) (10 minutes)
	-discussion (5-10 minutes)
-What pieces of these two documents should be merged (5 minutes)
-Michel presents thoughts on state of 6bone (10 minutes)

referenced drafts for your pre-reading:


2772 re-write:

Note: 2772 re-write may be Ipv4 accessible only (not my server, complaints
to admin of www.6bone.net :) ).

Rob Rockell
(+1) 703-689-6322