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fwd: [6bone] ipv6 on c827

i should probably send this to the list, since others might be
interested in this as well...  didn't realize the list had been
copied on the original message to me.

for those who care, the bug id i'm concerned about is CSCdw67009 or
except that it actually has nothing to do with ipsec as indicated in
the bug description (in my case i'm using a 3des image, but there's
no ipsec config'ed anywhere).

bottom line, c827 w/ ipv6 unicast works.




i'm sorry, but in fact you're wrong ;).. i'm running 12.2(8)T5 on an 
c827 just fine with unitcast & mcast ipv6, and ipv6 unicast. that is, 
except for a nasty bug causing crashes (unrelated to ipv6).

was hoping to find other people doing the same and seeing what older
ios versions might work. 

other than that, ipv6 on c827's works wonderfully.