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[6bone] RFC2772 rewrite -- bigger scope goals


First, before we try to modify RFC2772, I think we need to have an idea 
what we're trying to do:

 - policy for new allocations and for new organizations only?
 - policy for new and old pTLA holders alike (any policy we agree on MUST 
also by implemented by current pTLA's, as an item they agreed to in 

Follow-up questions: is there a need for the policies for the old and the
new be the same (IMO not necessarily)?  What if don't conform to the new
rules, the revocation process?

The next question would be whether we want to keep 6bone de-facto free and
open, and a "big mess", or try to do something about it.  Views differ on
this one; the options are basically (I hope I didn't miss any):
 1) keep 6bone routing as it is, build totally separate competing v6 
Internet for "production"
 2) try to move 6bone-style routing off to the edges of the network
    a) try to clean up the current mess, or
    b) prevent any further mess in new-pTLA rules
 3) kill 6bone

Only after there's some rough consensus on these, we can proceed to the 
details in how to really revise RFC2772.

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