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[6bone] 6bone meeting in Atlanta, Tuesday noon

Bob / Rob / Pekka,

>> Michel Py wrote:
>> Bob and/or Rob, please consider my request for a 15-minute
>> slot, that would include discussion, and I promise I'll go
>> faster than last time presenting ;-)

> Bob Fink wrote:
> As long as you go after the planned 2772 main topic. There
> are only 60 minutes in these lunchtime sessions.

This is my goal.

Unrelated to this:
A little earlier, I suggested that part of the 2772 refresh could be
devoted to incorporate some of the changes necessary to the move towards
the RIRs. I have not heard feedback about this, do you think it's a good
idea? Will Rob present something related to this?

> Also, if other folk want to present you may have to reduce
> to 10 mins.

Fair. Pekka S., will you be presenting your draft? I so, I would suggest
you present before I do.