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[6bone] RFC2772 rewrite

Perhaps we can allow for the 'volunteer' networks to exist, but not as
pTLA's... Many of the volunteers do provide valuable services and testing
cycles for ipv6. However, reliability in the core (even of the 6bone) will
be somewhat necessary for any Volunteer organizations to talk to each other
over IPv6...  Inter-domain routing seems to be one of the largest issues
surrounding Ipv6 deployment now.. We should keep that tight (or at least in
as near a steady-state as possible) so researchers and others have the
ability to test with the confidence that some factors remain static...


Rob Rockell
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On Thu, 14 Nov 2002, Rik van Riel wrote:

->On 13 Nov 2002, Robert Kiessling wrote:
->> I see only two solutions:
->> 1. Isolate 6bone and similarly operated one-host-wildly-tunneled sTLAs
->> from a production-quality IPv6 core, and widely implement filtering.
->> 2. Assure that pTLAs provide a minimum of service.
->I vote for solution 1.  Until ipv6 is widely available, there is
->a legitimate place for an experimental network (6bone) which is
->run by volunteers that simply don't have the resources to look
->after their pTLA 24x7.
->Making the requirements too strict will just cut off part of the
->current ipv6 userbase, probably even without achieving the stated
->goal because there will always be sites that operate within the
->"letter of the law", but still cause trouble...
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